An evening-gowned Olive Oyl is watching a show on TV featuring a classy French gent called the International, who delivers romantic monologues to his female audience. Olive is so caught up in the romance and enchantment of this fancy fellow that she forgets all about her date with Popeye, which annoys The Sailorman no end. When The International announces that some lucky eligible maiden may have a date to meet him in person, Olive is delighted and Popeye is disgusted. 
Good evening, dear ladies. I am The International. Come a little closer, and I will make the great love for you. Ah, your eyes are like the limped pools sparkling in the sunshine. And your lips, they are so red like the ruby - the flowers that bloom in the spring do not compare with your exquisite beauty. 
But Olive! 
Shoosh, Popeye. Don't interrupt The International. 
But, but, Olive. What about our date? You and me is supposed to go to the movies. 
Why, that rub, Popeye got here ahead of me. 
And now I have a surprise for your lovely ladies. One of you shall be accepted to have a date with me tonight. So stay tuned. Who can tell? You may be the lucky one. Good night. Se you later. 
Come on, Olive. Let's go out. 
No, Popeye. I may have a date with The International. 
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! 
Good evening. Is this the residence of Mademoiselle Olive Oyl? 
Oh, it's The International! Oh, well, do come in. 
I'll show Olive I can be romantical too. Pardon me, Olive. 
Mademoiselle Olive Oyl, sit a vous. 
Listen, Olive... 
Ah, my cherry (A, mon chéri). Nothing shall ever separate us again. Now that we are alone, I shall give you the magnificent kiss. 
Olive, don'tcha remember? You and me has a date tonight. 
Huh! You've got some nerve butting in on The International.  
And now we shall take a stroll in the moonlight. 
Just a minute. I got a date with Olive. 
Ah, you wish to fight the duel for Mademoiselle Olive? 
Okay, you asked for it. 
Oh, a duel over me? How perfectly romantical. 
Have one. 
Oh, thank you. 
En garde! 
Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! 
He's a fake! It's Bluto! Oh, Popeye, you're wonderful. 
Ah, Mademoiselle Olive, you have a date with me. 
Ooo, I'm just like butter in your hands. 
Ha ga ga ga ga ga ga! 
A Paramount Picture 
Paramount presents Popeye the Sailor 
Color by Technicolor 
A Famous Studios Production 
Direction: I. Sparber 
Animation: Al Eugster, Wm. B. Pattengill 
Story: I. Klein 
Scenics: Anton Leob 
Music: Winston Sharples 
Parlez Vous Woo 
Copyright MCMLVI by Paramount Pictures Corporation All Rights Reserved 
A Paramount Picture 
Color by Technicolor

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