Hector the Dog (though apparently named "Prince" for his first appearance) from Noveltoons gets 3 puppies for Christmas, and they won't stop making a mess. 
You mongrel! You! Always messing up this house! If it wasn't Christmas I'd throw you out. For now for the last time, I'm warning. Just one more mess, and outside in the cold you will be - without the hope. So, you just remember this. But if you're a good dog, Santa Claus might leave you a nice present. 
Prince? What's that noise down there? 
Ah, ever sleeping fast asleep. That's nice. What keeps you out of trouble, Princie. 
*arf arf arf arf* 
For shame! Your soul you have sold to the devil for throwing those puppies into the cold. 
Doggonit, if that ain't chincy. Ah, don't be a shnook. Angel, come down off the cloud. Why should he lose his happy home for them dups? 
No! Those innocent babes into the cold you've driven. Go, bring them back and all will be forgiven. 
My goodness, wherever you look you are sleeping. 
By yimmany, you've done it for the last time. Out you go, you, you, you... 
*woof woof woof* 
Aww, Princie. Why didn't you tell me? Awww, the cutest little puppies. Aw... and they're all so beautiful. They look just like you, Princie. Aw, this is going to be a wonderful Christmas for the children.  
U.M.&M. TV Corp presents A Famous Studios Production 
Direction: Bill Tytla 
Animation: George Germanetti, Steve Muffatti 
Story: Joe Stultz, Larry Riley 
Scenics: Robert Connavale 
Music: Winston Sharples 
Classified and passed by the National Board of Review 
Certificate No. 04461 
Hector's Hectic Life 
Copyrigh [sic] MCMXLVIII by UM&M TV Corporation All Rights Reserved 
For Princie 
The End 
A U.M.&M. TV Corp. Presentation

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Hector's Hectic Life part of Noveltoons 1948

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