Mr. Mom

Mr. Mom

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Jack and Carolyn Butler are a middle class couple with three kids living in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. Jack loses his engineering job at an automobile manufacturer. Though the auto industry is in a slump, they bet that Jack can get a job before Carolyn, but Jack loses as Carolyn gets hired by an ad agency and he has to stay at home with the kids.

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Family Guy:
Season:  11  / Episode:  17 

This Television Episode refers to Mr. Mom
After the plane crash, Joe asks Quagmire if he knows how to change a diaper. Quagmire tells him, "Of course I know how to change a diaper. I saw 'Mr. Mom' four times.".

Raising Hope:
Season:  3  / Episode:  9 
Squeak Means Squeak

This Television Episode refers to Mr. Mom
Jimmy is referred to as "Mister Mom" multiple times in this episode.

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