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Weird Science (1985)

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Weird Science (1985) (Movie)
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Weird Science (Movie)

August 2, 1985
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Two teenage nerds, Gary and Wyatt, unpopular and unable to meet girls on their own, use a computer to design the perfect woman. They feed various data into Wyatt's computer. Lacking sufficient processing power, they hack into a US Government mainframe and use its power to create a computer simulation of "the perfect woman" in order to place her in "real life sexual situations" and see how she reacts. A bizarre electrical storm (à la Frankenstein, their inspiration) follows, and they find themselves unable to shut the computer off. 
Mysteriously, the result is "Lisa", a real-life woman (who emerges from a red fog in the bathroom). She is a sexed-up but kind-hearted "80's babe" with Einstein's IQ, David Lee Roth's attitude and inexplicable supernatural powers. Self-aware from the moment of her creation, Lisa sets about revealing their inner coolness, transforming Gary and Wyatt from nerds into men through a series of wacky and bizarre adventures. Using her magic powers, she takes them to a Blues Club, confronts Wyatt's domineering older brother Chet, and throws a giant party at Wyatt's upscale home. In the end, the boys get no sex from their mentor, but are seemingly on the path to a relationship with two cute girls their own age.