The film follows LT Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, a young Naval aviator who aspires to be a top fighter pilot in the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School, which trains the top 1% of all Naval aviators. Maverick gets his chance to attend the school after one pilot drops out, allowing him and his Radar Intercept Officer, LTJG Nick "Goose" Bradshaw to train with the best.

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Airport '07 part of Family Guy Season 5

Family Guy:
Season: 5 / Episode: 12

Airport '07

This Television Episode refers to Top Gun part of Top Gun
Peter imagining flying his pickup truck through the air and greeting fighter jet pilots is a reference to 'Top Gun'.
Arthur, Spooner part of The King of Queens Season 5

The King of Queens:
Season: 5 / Episode: 1

Arthur, Spooner

This Television Episode refers to Top Gun part of Top Gun
Deacon shows up at Doug's house to find him cheerful while making a big breakfast. Doug tells him he's feeling good because he finally got some sleep. Deacon asks if Carrie is back, but Doug tells him no, that Arthur is his new stand-in to help him sleep. Arthur comes in the kitchen and tells Doug he is missing a sock, but thinks it's tangled in the bed sheets upstairs. Deacon's response to Doug is "Talk to me Goose".
Love: A Cautionary Tale part of The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 4

The New Adventures of Old Christine:
Season: 4 / Episode: 22

Love: A Cautionary Tale

This Television Episode refers to Top Gun part of Top Gun
Richard tells New Christine that he knows his wedding vows by heart. New Christine warns him that his vows had better not be a monologue from the film 'Top Gun'.

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Top Gun part of Top Gun 1986

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