The Blair Witch Project is a low-budget American horror film that follows three young student filmmakers who go into the Black Hills of Burkittsville, Maryland to film a documentary about the eponymous local legend known as the Blair Witch. The three students never come back. Neither the students nor their bodies are ever found, although their video and sound equipment (along with most of the footage they shot) is discovered a year later.

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The Merger part of The Office Season 3

The Office:
Season: 3 / Episode: 8

The Merger

This Television Episode refers to The Blair Witch Project part of The Blair Witch Project
After watching the video "Lazy Scranton", made by Michael and Dwight in an effort to welcome the former Stamford employees to Scranton, Jim tells the camera it reminded him of the orientation video shown on his first day. It was called "The Scranton Witch Project", one of Michael's spoofs of the film "The Blair Witch Project".

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