Noah Cooper, a therapist gets fired from the office where he has worked for, for many years. When he arrives back home he finds his wife's cousin, Myron Stubbs, has moved in. Later that evening his mother, Marilyn Cooper also arrives with her dogs and asks whether she can stay. Even though Noah is displeased, he allows Marilyn to stay. After some time he discovers his mother has left his father suspecting that he had an affair. He and Marilyn get hired at a carpet store, but because of Marilyn's stupid tasks both of them soon get fired. Meanwhile his relationship with his wife, Clare Cooper, deteriorates and she subsequently leaves. Marilyn spies her husband and they have an encounter. Her husband, Gene Cooper confesses that he has tried to cheat on her twice. Noah's grandmother, Helen Cooper dies, and at the funeral Noah and Maryiln debate. Noah gets moved by his mother's words and realises that his decision not to have a baby was wrong and rushes to Clare to apologize. The film ends with Marylin and Myron moving together to another place.

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