Years after their last cat-stopping mission, hairless Sphynx cat Kitty Galore is fed up with dogs and her feline friends, when she decides to take matters into her own paws and try to have world domination. Being an outcast police dog, Diggs is somehow cast to be an agent for the Dogs HQ spy force, with Butch as his mentor. When the force receives a message from Kitty that she would enslave all mankind, Diggs, Butch, Lou, Sam and Peek all think of a plan to stop her. Meanwhile, the cats organization realizes that someone of their own kind has betrayed them and is trying to get them as well. Leaving both species no choice, they decide to work together and defeat Kitty Galore, who has hired the help of mice and the dogs' previous feline enemy, Mr. Tinkles.

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Cats & Dogs

Title Year
Cats & Dogs part of Cats & Dogs 2001
Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore part of Cats & Dogs 2010

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