The story returns to the Brody family in Amity Island. Martin Brody had died of a heart attack, although his widow, Ellen Brody, claims that "it was the fear [of the shark] that killed him." She discusses with her youngest son Sean, and his fiance Tiffany, arrangements for the Christmas season. Now working as a police deputy in Amity, Sean is dispatched to clear a log from a buoy. As he does so, he is attacked by a shark. He is killed as his screams are drowned out by the carol singers on the island. 
Ellen is convinced that the shark had deliberately targeted Sean due to some evil curse, and visits her eldest son, Michael, in the Bahamas. Michael now works as a marine biologist. Fearing he will be attacked next by the shark, Ellen hopes to convince him to take up a new job on dry land. She meets Hoagie, and they begin dating. Michael's wife Carla is an artist and one day during her art exhibit, Ellen's granddaughter Thea asks if she can go out on a banana boat with her friend Margaret and her mother. The shark attacks the boat with Thea on it. The shark devours Margaret's mother in the process, leaving Thea unharmed, but in a state of shock. Ellen becomes convinced that the shark has tracked her family to the Bahamas. She takes a boat out to sea on her own, intent on confronting and killing the shark to break the curse, or sacrificing herself hoping the shark will leave her family alone.

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Title Year
Jaws part of Jaws 1975
Jaws 2 part of Jaws 1978
Jaws 3-D part of Jaws 1983
Jaws: The Revenge part of Jaws 1987

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