Damien Thorn is now 13 and living with his uncle Richard Thorn, a wealthy industrialist, his uncle's second wife, Ann, and Richard's son from his first marriage, Mark. Damien and Mark are both enrolled in a military academy; meanwhile, Thorn Industries is making tentative moves to expand its operations into Third World agriculture. 
The young Damien doesn't understand his true potential, but others are beginning to suspect that he is not the sweet young boy that he appears to be. However, when he discovers his true identity, he is initially upset at being a vehicle for the Antichrist, knowing there is nothing he can do to circumvent his destiny (and killing the brother he loves in the process). Nevertheless, within his life there are many people working to help him ascend to his rightful place as the Antichrist, but at the same time, lone journalists, doctors, scientists and friends all try to stop him and warn his foster parents. Those who attempt to find the truth about Damien, and who try to stop him, are invariably killed in gruesome ways.

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The Omen

Title Year
The Omen part of The Omen 1976
Damien: Omen II part of The Omen 1978
The Omen part of The Omen 2006

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