Fifteen years after Jim Halsey's horror filled trip through Texas at the mercy of a crazed murderer, he works as a police officer, but has recently been suspended for using excessive force on a kidnapping suspect. It is revealed his girlfriend, Maggie, has her own crop dusting business. Jim makes a call to retired Captain Estridge in Texas, who asks Jim to come down to Texas to talk to him face to face about his mental scars from the last movie. Maggie, who obviously does not know about the event, pleads with Jim to let her tag along. 
Arriving in Texas, the couple pick up a car that Estridge has left for them, and set off to his house. Jim notices a sign along the highway announcing DANGER: DO NOT PICK UP HITCHHIKERS which sets him into flashback mode.

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The Hitcher

Title Year
The Hitcher part of The Hitcher 1986
The Hitcher II: I've Been Waiting part of The Hitcher 2003
The Hitcher part of The Hitcher 2007

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