n 1889, the site that will become Perfection Valley is home to the town of Rejection Valley. The inhabitants are completely dependent on a nearby silver mine for its income, and when a hot spring causes Graboid eggs to hatch the mine becomes too dangerous to work in. Its owner is Hiram Gummer, great-grandfather of Burt Gummer. He arrives in town to fix the problem, but finds he is in way over his head dealing with the monsters. As Hiram picks up the lessons that will one day be imparted to Burt, the town readies itself for a final showdown with the graboids. He uses a punt gun to blow a hole in one of the Graboid's heads, killing it instantly, until another pulls the punt gun underground. Another resident then attracts one of the Graboids by sticking a saw in to the ground and banging on it, when the Graboid rushes to eat him it impales itself on the saw. As the last Graboid gets smarter (it avoids all their traps), Hiram tricks it to coming to the surface then attaching it by the tail to a steam engine wheel, the Graboid is pulled in and explodes on contact as it is pulled under the wheel.

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