A 1927 silent film that tells the story of Roddy Berwich, born into a rich family, he is the School Captain, and head of the "Old Boys" Rugby team. He makes a pact of loyalty with his best friend Tim Wakeley. Roddy begins a downhill spiral after being falsely accused of impregnating a waitress, who turns vindictive after Roddy spurns her amorous advances. Roddy accepts the blame, to protect the real father, Tim, who desperately needs to stay in school to receive his Oxford scholarship. 
Roddy is expelled from school and leaves home after being disowned by his father who believes him guilty of the false accusation.  
Roddy finds some work as an actor in a theatre. He marries the leading actress Julia after inheriting some money. The unfaithful Julia secretly continues an affair with her leading man and discards Roddy after his inheritance is exhausted. He becomes a gigolo in a Paris music hall but soon quits over self loathing at romancing women for money. 
Roddy ends up alone and delirious in a shabby room in Marseilles. Some sailors take pity on him and ship him back home. Robby's father has learned the truth about the waitress's false accusation during his son's absence and joyfully welcomes him back. Robby resumes his previous life.

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