Scotland Yard Detective Frank Webber escorts his girlfriend Alice White to a tea house. They have an argument and Alice leaves with Mr. Crewe, an artist whom she has earlier agreed to meet. At his studio, Crewe sings and plays "Miss Up-to-Date" on the piano. Alice innocently flirts with the artist. He convinces her to try on a dress then attempts to assault her as she is changing. Alice grabs a nearby bread knife and stabs him to death. 
Alice leaves after attempting to conceal any evidence of her presence in the flat. She has, however, unknowingly left her gloves behind. The next day Frank is assigned to the case and finds one of the gloves. He realizes the glove belongs to Alice and visits Alice at her father's shop. Local petty thief Tracey, who saw Alice at the artist's flat earlier, interrupts the two and attempts to blackmail the couple.  
The tables are turned when Tracey becomes the chief suspect after the artist's landlady identifies him as being at the scene of the crime.

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