Ernest is spotted in a jury by a man on trial who notices that he is the spitting-image of death-row inmate Felix Nash, who is the prison "boss". He convinces the jury to tour the prison, where Ernest is kidnapped and forced to swap roles with Nash. He has various misadventures in prison (especially when trying to escape) until he is sent to the electric chair by the prison warden. The electrocution fails, and he is transformed into a type of superhuman, with the ability to shoot lightning bolts from his hands, which shock various other jail members. Ernest escapes from the prison and makes his way home, only to discover that his Pee-Wee Herman-like décor has been replaced by a slick lounge lizard style of decorating. Ernest then goes to the bank where he works as a janitor at night, only to find that Nash has assumed his identity and is in the process of robbing the bank. He uses his super powers to fly through the skylight of the bank with a bomb that Nash had attached to the vault and two bank employees, which leads to a spectacular mid-air explosion. Everyone assumes that Ernest has been killed, until he falls through the skylight and lands on Nash.

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