It is Halloween night and Olive is reading ghost stories to Popeye and Bluto. Both of the men want to have alone time with Olive, with Popeye wondering why Bluto hasn't gone home and Bluto wondering what to do to get rid of Popeye. Bluto decides to stage various pranks (a headless man, an animated skeleton, and a sheet-over-balloon ghost) to scare Olive and Popeye. He pins the blame on Popeye, Olive kicks him out of her house, and Bluto goes to comfort her.

Popeye gets back at Bluto by going into Olive's bedroom through her window (which was still open) and uses a jar of vanishing cream to make himself invisible. He scares both Olive and Bluto (mainly Bluto), and Bluto eventually runs out of Olive's house. Popeye reveals himself and Olive kisses him for saving her, getting red lipstick all over Popeye's face. Popeye turns to the audience and says, "Loves them ghosts."

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

And from these ingredients, the witches brew their magic potion. Those who partake of this potent liquid will become imbued with an unearthly spirit. But whoa to the unfortunate disbeliever, for an evil spell shall be cast upon him. So beware this Halloween Eve, when the Earth will be haunted by spooks, ghosts, and hobgoblins.
Olive, there ain't no such things. They're just figamatations of the imaginigimanations.
Pardon me folks, but it's way past my bedtime.
Sorry ya has to go, Chub. Goodnight, Bluto. Ha ha ha ha ha. Boy, oh, boy. I thought he'd never leave.
There's someone at the door.
Good evening. Is this the Olive Oyl residence? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Popeye! There's a headless man at the door.
There ain't no such animal. Olive and her stupid-sticktions. Why, it's nothing but a Jack-o-lantern, Olive.
The headless man, AHHHH!
I'll get ya some water, Olive.
Here's your glass of water, Olive.
Oh, thank you.
Olive, there's nothin' like a cool drink of water to revives your spirits. A ga ga ga ga ga. Olive!
Olive, is that you? I didn't recognize you without your skin on.
Get out of this house at once, you hobgoblin. Popeye! So you're the one that's been horrorizing me. Get out and stay out!
Now there's a girlfriend for ya. So long, chump. I gotta protect Olive from those nasty old hobgoblins.
Oh, it's you, Bluto.
Yeah, Olive. I thought you might want some company.
So, that's Bluto's scheme. I think I'll do some spookin' meself. Hmm, just what I needs.
And you don't have to be afraid of ghosts while I'm around. Hey! Help! Spooks, witches, hobgoblins! Help! Ghost! Let me outta here!
Popeye, you're back!
Loves them ghosts.

Written Text

A.A.P. - Associated Artists Productions presents
Popeye the Sailor
A Famous Studios Production by arrangement with King Features Syndicate, Inc.
Direction: Seymour Kneitel
Animation: Al Eugster, Wm. B. Pattengill
Story: Jack Mercer
Scenics: Robert Connavale
Music: Winston Sharples
Certificate No. 05596
Fright to the Finish
Copyright 1954 by Paramount Pictures Corporation All Rights Reserved

Halloween Ghost Stories
Ain't Bluto got no home ta go to?
How can I get rid of that runt Popeye?
Vanishing Cream

This picture has been presented by a.a.p.
Associated Artists Productions, Inc.

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