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Oh, dear. The movers will be here any minute, and I haven't finished packing.
How are we gonna get our truck in there, pal?
Just leaves it to me, chub. Okay, back 'er in.
Gosh, I'll never get through packing. Oh, the movers.
Come right in, boys.
It's a pleasure to move a beautiful doll like you, babe.
But I haven't finished packing yet.
That's alright, miss-ckt. I'll pack for ya.
Oh, thank you.
There ya are. Dishes all packed.
Oh, you're a fast one.
Oh yeah? Watch me pack.
Oh, you're wonderful.
Why, that little show-off. Get a load of this, babe.
What a man.
Why, that dirty, double-crosser.
Ha ha ha, I sure got rid of that runt.
Bravo, bravo, you're super, man.
Okay wise guy. Catch that. And that. And that.
Oh, you're terrific.
Ha ha ha ha.

The job I did finish
Cause I ates me spinach
I'm Popeye the moving man

Written Text

A Paramount Picture
Paramount presents Popeye the Sailor in Technicolor
A Famous Studios Production
Direction: I. Sparber
Animation: Al Eugster, Wm. B. Pattengill
Story: Larz Bourne
Scenics: Robert Own
Music: Winston Sharples
A Haul in One
Copyright MCMLVI by Paramount Pictures Corporation All Rights Reserved

Popeye & Bluto Movers

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