The Old Man of the Mountain is a 1933 animated short in the Betty Boop series, produced by Fleischer Studios. Featuring music recorded by Cab Calloway and His Orchestra, like in Minnie The Moocher, the short was originally released to theaters on August 4, 1933 by Paramount Productions. Calloway voices all of the characters in the cartoon save for Betty herself (talking voice provided by Bonnie Poe and singing voice provided by Mae Questel). Calloway and his orchestra also perform all of the music in the cartoon, including two songs Calloway co-wrote.

The short begins with a live-action introduction of Calloway and his orchestra, who perform a short chorus of "Minnie the Moocher" (Calloway-Gaskill-Mills) before performing a vamp of the title song, "The Old Man of the Mountain" (Young-Hill (Brown)).

As the cartoon proper begins, a lion on roller skates (made of rabbits) rushes from his guard post atop a mountain, racing into a nearby village shouting "Look out! The Old Man of the Mountain!" The lion's warning sparks a mass exodus of the other animals who pack up their things and start to flee as the lion continues to warn "Look out! The Old Man of the Mountain!"

In time, Betty Boop emerges from a guest house in order to find out what is going on. She confronts a passing owl, who in song describes the Old Man of the Mountain, a predatory hermit who threatens the livelihood of the villagers, particularly the women. Despite the owl's warnings, Betty is curious and declares, "I'm going up to see that old man of the mountain", and starts a trek up the mountainside. She passes several people fleeing from the Old Man, including a woman pushing a carriage with her triplets—who look suspiciously like the Old Man of the Mountain.

When Betty gets to the top of the mountain, the Old Man of the Mountain emerges from behind a rock. Over twice as tall as Betty, the Old Man backs the girl into his cave and, as Betty fights off his advances, begins to sing with her a duet of "You Gotta Ho-De-Ho (To Get Along with Me)" (Robinson-Hill (Brown)). Betty loosens up and joins in, and the two begin to flirt with each other. After his first verse, the Old Man looms menacingly over Betty.

"What'cha gonna do now?" Betty asks, frightened.

"Gonna do the best I can," the Old Man replies, launching into a jazzy dance routine. The Old Man and Betty continue to dance together, but when the song is over, the Old Man makes a lustful grab for Betty, who runs for her life back down the mountainside.

The Old Man gives chase, and grabs Betty just long enough to catch hold of her dress, which Betty jumps out of. As Betty finds refuge behind a large tree in her underwear, her dress comes to life and slaps the Old Man before running back to its owner. Betty climbs the tree to apparent safety, but as the Old Man comes over and attempts to coax her down with "The Scat Song" (Calloway-Perkins-Parish), he picks the tree up and bounces it on the ground, causing Betty to slide down.

Before he can have his way with her, however, the animals from the village rally to Betty's aid and surround the Old Man, tying his arms and legs together by a tree. They then proceed to beat him up, tickle and humiliate him, thus exacting revenge for all the times he had made their lives a misery, with Betty watching with glee.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics


Yee de de de de hey
Hi de hi de ho
He de he de he
Hey de hey de hey
Hi de hi de hi
Ho de ho de ho
Hey de hey de hey
The old man of the mountain

Look out! Look out! The old man of the mountain!
Look out! Look out! The old man of the mountain!
Look out! Look out! The old man of the mountain!
What's the matter?


Long white beard and a crooked stare
Tramps along with a ???
With a tickle in his eye, he passes them by
The old man of the mountain
For he wears long hair and his feet are bare
They say he's mad as a grizzly bear
His hair is brown and his beard's snow white
The old man of the mountain
He talks with the bears when he's lonely
Sleeps with the sky for a tent
And he'll eat you up when he's hungry
And it wouldn't cost him a red cent
And he'll live as long as a ?? tree
He'll eat up fools like you and me
Oh I often sigh and jump and cry
At the old man of the mountain

Well, I'm going up to see that old man of the mountain.
What's the matter?
The old man of the mountain.
Thank you.
The old man of the mountain.


You got to ho de ho
You got to hi de hi
You got to he de he
To get along with me
Yeah, man, how do?
You got to learn my song (I got to learn your song)
You do me wrong (I'm gonna do you wrong)
You got to kick the gong
To get along with me
Whatchu gonna do now?
I'm gonna do the best I can
You got to hi de hi
You got to he de he de he
You got to hey de hey de hey
To get along with hey


When your sweetie tells you
Everything will be okay
Just *scatting*
If you like shouting
Advertise it just this way
*scatting* ho!

Written Text

U.M.&M. TV Corp. presents
Betty Boop Cartoon
Max Fleischer presents The Old Man of the Mountain
Directed by Dave Fleischer
Animated by Bernard Wolf and Thomas Johnson
Western Electric
Recorded by Cab Calloway and his Orchestra
Featuring Betty Boop

General Store
Tourist House
The End
A UM&M TV Corp. Presentation

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