Felix is playing on his guitar until a storm arrives, so Felix takes refuge in King Cole's castle. When he gets there, he finds the braggart King Cole. Cole is a real windbag, talking and bragging on. The great wall of the castle, is filled with pictures of former kings, and nights. The picture begin to come alive, and in discuss over Cole's talking, bragging, and not stop boasting, decide to take the wind out of the windbag, and give him the works. The ghosts jump out of there picture frames and, take King Cole to the dungeon, strap him down and use machine to take all the hot, braggart out of the wind bag. A hose and mask, is forced over Cole's mouth. Then a pounding machine is pulled up to Cole's super inflated ball belly. The head ghost, then smiles and declares they will take the wind of of the windbag, then pulls a lever that starts the metal balls pounding on Cole's over inflated belly. The wind they take out of him is stored in a bag connected to the machine. All the time telling him and a deep disapproving tone that "you talk too much, you never shut up". Then they sit him up and make him listen to his own bragging. Cole can't stand it, as he pleads for them to stop, they just laugh at him, teaching him a lesson and giving him a does of his own medicine.

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Felix the Cat

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The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg part of Felix the Cat 1936

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