Popeye takes Olive roller skating in a rink; she's never skated before, so he has to teach her, and she's not exactly a quick learner. After a while, she ends up outside the rink, and still out of control; she skates through a department store and causes major traffic problems. When she gets stuck on a speeding fire truck, Popeye realizes he'll need his spinach, but he's out fortunately, an audience member tosses him a can.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Oh, what's the matter?
So what?
Well, let's go roller skating.
Oh, I can't skate.
Well, I'll teach ya. It's easy. Hey, Olive. Look.
Oh yeah, it's easy alright. Well, I'll take vanilla.
Well, I'll take ya skating. Hey, Olive. Come on back. Don't run out on me. I know your's a good skate. Now come on, let's go. We wants to rent some skates.
Yeah, we does.
What size?
What size? Everybody knows that. That's crazy. Oh boy.
I'll take a 3 and half, but an 8 feels so good.
I better get twelves.
Uh, she's got a hand like a foot and a half.
Here ya are.
How do you play this game?
Uh, it's just like London Bridge is falling down. That's all. There we are.
Can I ??
No we ain't out on the floor yet. Take it easy Olive.
You got to hold onto me, Popeye, because I...
Now take it easy, Olive. Now you stand right here, and I'll show you the first thing to do. Here we go.
Oh, Popeye, just look at me. Ahh! I can't get out of this. I'm gonna go home. I can't skate.
Olive, you started out on the wrong feet. That's all. You'll like it after you learn how. Now look at all them other people having fun. Follow me, and I'll show ya.
Hey, somebody turned out the lights. I can't see where you're going, Olive. That's pretty good, Olive. Keep it up. Now watch me. It's like free-wheeling, Olive. Now you try it.
Who, me?
You're laying down on the job here. Here we go. I think you gotta lift your feet, Olive. A little higher, Olive.
Oh, this is fun isn't it, Popeye? Isn't it, Popeye? Oh, he left me.
Everything's under control. I got you covered.
Oh, I got it. I gotta get out of here. I got to get out.
Hey, Olive. I ain't through teaching you yet. I wonder where she went to. Hey, Olive. Look out, Olive!
I must be getting old. Now don't tell me I left it home. Is there any spinach in the house?
Here you are, Popeye.
Hey, Olive. Where are ya? What happened? Are ya hurt?
Mmmm, let's do it again.

My heart's palpatatin'
Whenever I'm skatin'
With Popeye the Sailor Man

Written Text

A Paramount Picture
Adolph Zukor presents a Max Fleischer Cartoon
Popeye the Sailor in A Date to Skate
Copyright MCMXXXVIII by Paramount Pictures Inc. All Rights Reserved
Directed by Dave Fleischer
Animated by Willard Bowsky and Orestes Calpini
By Arrangement with King Features Syndicate, Inc. and Segar
Approve Certificate No. 01988
Passed by the National Board of Review
Western Electric Noiseless Recording

Roller Skating, Roller Rink
Good Skates 50 cents, Cheap Skates 25 cents, Skates
Lacy and Co., 4 Sale, Special 25 cents, Cups 15 cents
Stop Go Stop Go

A Paramount Picture

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