Popeye and Bluto compete in their penny arcades for Wimpy's business.

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Alright. Here we are on the fairway. Hurry hurry hurry. Step right up, folks. The greatest show in captivity. Step right up. No crowding. Now pushing. The greatest show for children and people alike. Only one tenth of a dime, and it's so funny I have to laugh myself. Ha ha ha ha. Now you better hurry or...
Now over here, this is the one. Don't pay attention to that bum. See this show.
Oh, step right up.
Hey over here.
Only one seat left. One seat left.
You get six pennies for a nickel here.
Oh yeah? You get seven pennies for a nickel here.
Did anybody say eight?
Not me, brother.
Let me show you a sample.
I seen him first. Right over here. Come right in. He's...
I got something I want you to see. Here's a scene from one of me pictures.
To view this masterpiece, would you loan me a penny for which I will gladly pay you back Tuesday?
Okay, here you are.
Thank you, sir.

Who's that knocking at my door?
Heya, ma'am. Moving man.
Hello, tall, tough, and terrific.
Coochie choochie coo.
Oh, just carried me away. Ain't he wonderful?
I can't move around here without that guy movin' in on me.
Oh, what a man.

Well, the intermission is over. Right this way.
Here's a nickel show for a penny.
I'm expecting a check.
Oh, you're lucky.
Will you advance me a penny for which I will gladly pay you back Tuesday?
Oh yeah? Well I'll think it over. There you are. This one's on the house.

He thinks he knows a lot about truckin', but I'll show him a thing or two. Well, the first movement from not paying the rent. There we go. There we are.

Well, how you like that? I bet that's the best show you ever saw with my money. Who hit me? Get the number of that truck.
I got something over here I want to show ya. One of the best ones we ever had.
Very well.

Let's see what you got there. What are you trying to do? Fan me out or something?
He won't even see this one.
Here's the old drop ball. He won't see this one either. Now let's give him the twiska ball.

No, no, no, no. It's not satisfactory at all. I do not consider it worth the money.
What are you talking about? That's one of the best pictures we ever made. You don't know what's good.
This guy started on a shoe string, and he's gonna get the same way. Come on young fella. Right with me. I gave that guy a good lacin'. Now here's a picture which is a picture. You'll pay me Tuesday, huh?

Alright. Batter up. Batter up. Strike one. Strike two. You'll have to do batter than that. Grand slam. Thank you very much.
Hey, what's the big idea taking that guy?
Come on. Put up your dukes.
Why must we always fight? Can't we be friends?
Aw, you want to be friends, huh? Well, that's alright with me. Be a good neighbor.

Fight of the century. It's only a dime, folks. Step right in.

Written Text

a.a.p. Associate Artists Productions Inc. presents a Max Fleischer Cartoon
Popeye the Sailor in CUstomers Wanted
Copyright MCMXXXIX by Paramount Pictures Inc. All Rights Reserved
Directed by Dave Fleischer
Animated by Seymour Kneitel and William Henning
By Arrangement with King Features Syndicate, Inc. and Segar
Approved Certificate No.
Passed by the National Board of Review
Western Digital Noiseless Recording

Popeye's Penny Arcade / Bluto's Penny Arcade
Moving Pictures, Shooting Gallery
Bluto in "Let's Get Moving"
Greatest Shows on Earth
Popeye in "Let's Get Moving"
Test your strength
Bluto in "The Twisker Pitcher"
Electricity Test Your Strength
Popeye in "The Twisker Pitcher"
See the fight of the century 10 cents
Play games

This picture has been presented by a.a.p. Associated Artists Productions, Inc.

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