The First Monday in May is a 2016 documentary film directed by Andrew Rossi. The film follows the creation of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's most attended fashion exhibit in history: the 2015 art exhibition China: Through the Looking Glass by curator Andrew Bolton at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was produced by Fabiola Beracasa Beckman, Dawn Ostroff and Sylvana Ward Durrett and distributed by Magnolia Pictures. The documentary was first released on April 13, 2016 as the opening film of the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival.

The First Monday in May chronicles a year's worth of preparations for the Chinese-inspired fashion exhibit China: Through the Looking Glass and the gala which accompanied the exhibit. The exhibit featured 150 garments from 40 designers.[8] Andrew Bolton, the chief curator at the Costume Institute, conceptualizes and designs the Metropolitan Museum of Art Gala with Anna Wintour. The Met Gala, the Costume Institute's annual event, is a multimillion-dollar fundraiser. The film also depicts Wintour's daily life and questions fashion as art. As of 2016, China: Through the Looking Glass is the most visited exhibit in the Costume Institute's history and one of the most visited exhibitions in the entire history of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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