After proving himself, even with a loss to Apollo Creed, Rocky expects the good life to follow. He marries Adrian and begins spending the money he earned from the match. But when Apollo humiliates Rocky on TV, Rocky realizes the only way he can survive is to begin boxing again. Creed, on the other hand, faces criticism from fans over the outcome of the fight. As a result, he offers Rocky another fight. Rocky trains once again with Mickey, this time for the biggest rematch of the century. Rocky beats Apollo, becoming the champ.

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Nike+ FuelBand Commercial

Nike+ FuelBand Commercial

Dates: - May 2012
This Television Commercial refers to Rocky II part of Rocky
Sylvester Stallone is shown trying to catch a chicken while wearing a gray sweatsuit.

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Title Year
Rocky part of Rocky 1976
Rocky II part of Rocky 1979
Rocky III part of Rocky 1982
Rocky IV part of Rocky 1985
Rocky V part of Rocky 1990
Rocky Balboa part of Rocky 2006
Creed part of Creed and Rocky 2015
Creed II part of Creed and Rocky 2018

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