Right after winning back the title from Clubber Lang, Rocky decides to spend some time with his family. But a new superfighter from the USSR, Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) has emerged, and fights Apollo Creed in an exhibition match. Rocky watches in horror as Drago brutally mauls Apollo to death. Now determined to challenge Drago himself, he starts training in the icy snow of Siberia and prepares for the ultimate challenge: to not only avenge Apollo's death, but show the real strength, courage, and faith that his country believes in. Rocky agrees to have to fight Drago in Russia, after training nonstop with the support of his wife Rocky is ready. Receiving no love from the crowd Rocky is being beaten to an inch of his life. After his will to keep fighting the crowd is showing love to Rocky. In the fifteenth and last round Rocky knocks down Drago and scores the ultimate underdog victory.

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Title Year
Rocky part of Rocky 1976
Rocky II part of Rocky 1979
Rocky III part of Rocky 1982
Rocky IV part of Rocky 1985
Rocky V part of Rocky 1990
Rocky Balboa part of Rocky 2006
Creed part of Creed and Rocky 2015
Creed II part of Creed and Rocky 2018

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