After the fight with Drago, Rocky Balboa suffers brain damage and is forced to retire from the ring. As if that isn't bad enough, the Balboa fortune is all gone due to an unscrupulous accountant. Rocky's family returns back to their old neighborhood and resumes life like before. Rocky then reopens Mickey's old gym, just to rekindle the spirit of his beloved trainer and his boxing career as a trainer. Rocky takes in and starts training Tommy Gunn, one of the boxers who was a fan to Balboa, and who Rocky believes he could make into a winner, to become the new heavyweight champion. But soon after publicity nicknames Tommy as Balboa's clone or robot, Tommy betrays Rocky and challenges him to a final fight to determine who's the real champ.

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Title Year
Rocky part of Rocky 1976
Rocky II part of Rocky 1979
Rocky III part of Rocky 1982
Rocky IV part of Rocky 1985
Rocky V part of Rocky 1990
Rocky Balboa part of Rocky 2006
Creed part of Creed and Rocky 2015
Creed II part of Creed and Rocky 2018

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