The Wedding Planner

The Wedding Planner

  • Date:
  • Type: Movie
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance
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Maria 'Mary' Fiore is a San Francisco wedding planner. She is too consumed with planning others' events to worry about her own personal life until she is saved from a nasty accident by Dr. Steve Edison. 
Mary and Steve spend a wonderful evening in the park, watching an old movie (Two Tickets To Broadway), dancing and nearly kissing before being interrupted by an untimely rain shower. After glowing to her friends that she had finally found a man that she likes, she soon learns that Edison is engaged to her biggest client Fran Donolly. 
After the revelation, Mary is reunited with a childhood friend Massimo who asks her to marry him; after a slight hesitation, Fiore uses a Scrabble board to spell "OK". Mary reaches the altar with Massimo, but their wedding is halted by her father who knows she is not truly in love with the groom-to-be. Meanwhile, Fran and Steve's wedding fails (due to their own doubts about marriage) and Steve rushes to city hall to try to stop Mary and Massimo's wedding himself. With help from Massimo, Steve finds Mary and asks her to dance at the park where they first met and fell in love.

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Two Tickets to Broadway

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  • Type: Movie
This Movie is shown on The Wedding Planner
The two main characters go to a movie in the park on the first night they meet. The movie playing is Two Tickets to Broadway.
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