Kate is a fastidious young woman who thinks she knows exactly what her future will be: marry a Toronto doctor named Charlie and live happily ever after as soon as he comes back from a business trip to Paris. Her plans get ruined, however, when her man runs off with a beautiful French seductress named Juliette. 
Determined to get him back, Kate overcomes her fear of flying and boards a flight for Paris. Onboard, she is seated next to a Frenchman named Luc Teyssier, a crude petty thief whom she is forced to tolerate for the next few hours of the flight. Luc hides a stolen diamond necklace and a small grapevine in her purse to get them past customs. After several mishaps in Paris, Luc finds himself forced to accompany Kate across France to try to get the necklace back, under the pretense of helping her win back Charlie. Unexpected complications occur when the two find themselves developing an unlikely attraction to one another.

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