Jack Campbell is a single, wealthy Wall Street investment banker living the high life in New York City. All that magically changes one morning when he wakes up in a suburban New Jersey bedroom with the wife he never married and two kids. Jack realizes that he is living the life he could have had if he had not gone to London and become an investment banker but had stayed in the States with his girlfriend. While he desperately wishes to return to his high life, Jack is stuck in a "permanent acid trip" because an angel wants to teach the overly confident man a lesson.  
Jack struggles to fit into the role of a family man, making many serious blunders such as missing opening Christmas presents, flirting with a friend's wife and forgetting his anniversary. After a few days, Jack's young "daughter" realizes his secret and decides to assist him in surviving his new life. He begins to succeed in his life, bonding with his "children," falling in love with his wife and working hard at his dull job. He suddenly finds himself being offered a contract to work as a banker in New York. While his old businessman personality wants to accept the offer, his new family man personality realizes it would be a bad idea. He refuses the offer and happily settles into his life with his family. Just as Jack is finally realizing the true value of his new life, his epiphany jolts him back to his wealthy—yet as he now realizes, lonely—former life. In desperation, he forgoes closing his $130 billion acquisition deal to intercept the real woman he fell in love with in his dream before she heads off to Paris. He tells her about the happy family that they could have together; met with complete incredulity, he relates in impossibly precise detail what he remembers of his dream life. Shocked but intrigued, she agrees to a cup of coffee at the airport—suggesting that they might have a future after all.

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