Like her ancestors, Vianne Rocher obeys the North wind, drifting across the country as it blows. In the winter of 1959, the clever wind leads her to a tranquil French village, where she and her daughter Anouk open a small chocolaterie. The store imbues both wonder and angst within the classical villagers as it opens during the forty days of Lent. 
Soon, Vianne's profound allure and savory confections enlivens a married couple's aphrodisia, encourages an elderly man's secret love, brings rapport with a willful diabetic, and comforts an awkward woman who longs to leave her drunk and abusive husband. Nonetheless, the devout village mayor, Comte Paul de Reynaud, sees Vianne as an immoral provocateur and quietly contests against her. The battle peaks when a band of river gypsies camp on the village outskirts and Vianne finds herself attracted to the Irish wanderer Roux whose attraction to Vianne is mutual.

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Chocolat written by Joanne Harris

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