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Make Mine Music

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  • Genres: Animation, Child/Family
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This particular film has ten such segments: The Martins and the Coys features popular radio vocal group, King's Men singing the story of a Hatfields and McCoys-style feud in the mountains broken up when two young people from each side fall in love. This segment was later cut from the film's video release due to comic gunplay. Blue Bayou features animation originally intended for Fantasia using the Debussy musical composition Clair de Lune. All the Cats Join In is one of two segments to which Benny Goodman contributed. An innovative shot in which a pencil draws the action as it is happening, and in which 1940s teens are swept away by popular music. Without You is a ballad of lost love, sung by Andy Russell. Casey at the Bat features Jerry Colonna, reciting the famous poem about the arrogant ballplayer whose cockiness was his undoing. Two Silhouettes features two live-action ballet dancers, David Lichine and Tania Riabouchinskaya, moving in silhouette with animated backgrounds and characters. Dinah Shore sings the title song. Peter and the Wolf features Sterling Holloway narrating an adaptation of Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf, about a little boy who goes hunting for a wolf, with each of the characters being thematically represented by a member of an orchestra. After You've Gone again features Benny Goodman and his orchestra as four anthropomorphized instruments parade through a musical playground. Johnnie Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnett tells the romantic story of two hats who fall in love in a department store window. When Alice is sold, Johnny devotes himself to finding her again. The Andrews Sisters provide the vocals. The Whale Who Wanted To Sing At the Met is the bittersweet finale about a Sperm Whale with incredible musical talent and his dreams of singing Grand Opera. But short-sighted impressario Tetti-Tatti believes that the whale has simply swallowed an opera singer, and chases him with a harpoon. Nelson Eddy narrates and performs all the voices in this segment. As Willie the Whale, Eddy sings all three male voices in the first part of the Sextet from Donizetti's opera, Lucia di Lammermoor. In the end Willie is harpooned and killed, but the narrator softens the blow by telling the viewers that he sings on in heaven.

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