After three years in prison, Cruella de Vil has been cured of her lust for fur coats by Dr. Pavlov and is released on parole. Cruella, now 'Ella', rids herself of her old fur coats and the drawing of her in a Dalmatian puppy coat. However, soon Cruella begins to feel the urges and when she sees Dipstick and his puppies, she devises a plan to get the ultimate fur coat. 
She sends her servant Alonzo to find a few puppies as she hires Jean-Pierre LePelt to help her capture 102 puppies. The trio create a scheme to set-up Kevin Shepard, the owner of the animal shelter where Cruella spent her community service, as a scape-goat for the police to investigate so Cruella and company can get all the puppies she needs for her coat. However, Kevin soon escapes from prison to hear that Cruella and her henchmen are headed to Paris. But he is soon captured by Cruella and imprisoned in her house. 
Cruella forgot one dalmation, Oddball, because she was born without any spots. Oddball manages to rescue his family and all the other puppies kidnapped by Cruella. She also has Cruella and her two henchmen arrested thereby saving the day.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

What Movies are the basis of this Movie?

It is inspired by...
101 Dalmatians part of 101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians
part of 101 Dalmatians

This Movie inspired 102 Dalmatians part of 101 Dalmatians
102 Dalmations is a live-action sequel to the 1996 film, 101 Dalmations.

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