Miss Robin Hood

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  • Type: Movie
  • Genre: Comedy
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Miss Robin Hood is a 1952 British film directed by John Guillermin. It falls neatly within the genre of post-war British fantasy. The writer, Wrigley creates a comic strip character called Miss Robin Hood for a large newspaper. As the name suggests, the character is female, and is a latterday working of the Robin Hood story in which the heroine robs banks with the assistance of a gang of teenage girls and then redistributes the wealth. Unfortunately, the cartoon series is dropped, and Wrigley departs. However, Miss Honey, typecast as ever as an eccentric old lady, who operates a home for the orphans of London in Hampstead, recruits Wrigley to engage in a little light safebreaking, on the tenuous basis of having written Miss Robin Hood. Difficulties ensue as Scotland Yard become involved.

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