Ten years after Elizabeth left him, John has descended into a world of depression and loneliness, and is suicidal. When he receives an invitation to attend an art exhibit in Paris that will feature some of Elizabeth's paintings, he immediately boards a plane for France, hoping to get to talk to her. 
He arrives at the auction house and promptly wins all of her artwork, but Elizabeth is not there. He does, however, see a beautiful woman wearing exactly the same shawl that he gave to Elizabeth many years earlier. The woman's name is Lea. She says that she is Elizabeth's close friend and that Elizabeth is now living in another country, happily married. 
John suspects there is something Lea is not telling him. It becomes apparent that Elizabeth told her intimate details of their relationship. Lea, a fashion designer, is obviously attracted to John, and he begins to warm to her as well. They begin a passionate affair, but Lea continues to be evasive when it comes to answering questions about Elizabeth. 
John also becomes close to Lea's beautiful assistant, Claire, who is in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend. As John comes closer to discovering the truth of Elizabeth's fate, he is forced to examine the ways in which his past actions have changed him as a person, and if he can be the kind of lover for Lea that she wants him to be.

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