The film begins with Martha Alston in a wedding gown incarcerated in a Mexican prison. The investigators call her Mrs. Crawford and listen to her explain why she committed murder on her wedding day. 
Some time ago, at her younger sister's wedding, Martha is pestered by her family about when she'll get married. At work, she rejects a date with a younger coworker, Walter. Disappointed by her dull Valentine's Day blind date, Martha goes home to sulk in front of the TV, where inundated by romantic imagery, is prompted to get out of the house. She goes to a bar where she drops her quarter in front of the jukebox. She bends down to get it, then a man shows up and selects the same song Martha would have chosen. The man is Whitman Crawford, and they instantly hit it off. They go back to his house and have sex. Whitman says he's a poet and an investor. He reads Martha one of his poems. 
Martha introduces Whitman to her family and he impresses them. But by the time Martha meets Whitman's mother, Martha has become convinced Whitman is not Mr. Right at all. Whitman's ex-girlfriend Inga and her accomplice Bob harass Martha. Inga refuses to believe that Martha has dumped Whitman. Whitman refuses to believe it either, and begins stalking Martha and trying to woo her back in increasingly ridiculous ways. Whitman even buys off Martha's private investigator and abducts Martha to Mexico to marry her there. 
Walter shows up to rescue Martha from the wedding but trips. His gun falls into Martha's hand and she shoots Whitman. Then she's arrested, and the investigators conclude that she murdered Whitman. Walter springs her out of jail and explains that it was Inga who shot Whitman. Walter and Martha ride a horse West towards the sunset. Title cards over this scene explain that they eventually turned North towards the American border, that Inga and Bob get married then eventually opening a pet store in Albuquerque, and that Whitman continues his search for love.

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