The film begins in outerspace, just as the first film does, and begins with a retelling of the Universe's creation story (see below). This is followed by the opening titles which are accompanied by short clips that highlight the key parts of the first movie. 
The plot begins with a story about the story of Zeus' Seven Mighty Thunderbolts that kept peace. One day, other vengeful gods (Aphrodite, Hera, Poseidon, Flora) stole these lightening bolts to create chaos. The lack of these thunderebolts has rendered Zeus powerless and sent the Moon on a collision course with the Earth. As the humans on Earth begin to suffer, one human named Urania speaks to the Little People and learns that only Hercules can save them now. 
After hesitation, Zeus finally decides to send Hercules back from the stars to Earth to aid the humans, but the vengeful gods reserect their own warrior: King Minos. They believe that King Minos, with the help of Dedalos (Daedalus in the first film, see below), can defeat Zeus with science. 
Thus begins Hercules' quest to find the Seven Mighty Thunderbolts, which are hidden inside monsters across the Universe.

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