Pootie Tang

Pootie Tang

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  • Type: Movie
  • Genre: Comedy
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Pootie Tang is portrayed as a ladies' man who is "too cool for words" even as a young child. His life is marked by the deaths of his mother Momma Dee and, shortly thereafter, his father Daddy Tang, the latter of whom dies from complications after a freak gorilla attack at work. Just before Daddy Tang's death, Pootie inherits his father's belt and is told that he can "whoop anyone's ass with just that belt." As a young adult, Pootie Tang rises to fame and becomes well-known for a variety of reasons. He sings in night clubs, stars in public service announcements for children, produces top-of-the-charts music hits, and generally defeats wrongdoers with the power of his belt. Dick Lecter, a major corporate leader, learns of Pootie Tang's positive influence on society - and his negative influence on Lecter's bottom line. Lecter encourages his right-hand lady, Ireenie, to seduce Pootie Tang into signing an agreement with LecterCorp that would stop Pootie Tang's influence on America's children. Pootie Tang falls for Ireenie's tricks and subsequently falls apart. His status as pop culture icon is destroyed, and he engages on a quest to "find [him]self, blah, blah, blah." This journey is encouraged by Biggie Shortie, who promises to wait for Pootie to return to her and to the rest of society. Pootie moves to a farm for a while. After his single corn stalk dies, he has a vision of Daddy Tang and Momma Dee. Daddy Tang reveals that there is nothing special about Pootie's belt; instead, Pootie must fight evil with the goodness that is inside him. Pootie realizes he must move back to the city and fight crime once again. Pootie Tang returns to the city just as Dick Lecter is unveiling the first of his new restaurant chain, "Pootie Tang's Bad Time Burgers." At a small news conference, Pootie confronts Lecter only to discover that Lecter has amassed dozens of "Pootie-alikes" who will spread the message of LecterCorp around the nation. Pootie Tang, with the help of Biggie Shortie, defeats all of these henchmen and Lecter himself. Good triumphs over evil once again, and Biggie Shortie finally gets her man: she and Pootie Tang plan to get married now that Pootie is back.

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