Sister, Sister is a 1982 TV movie. The story starts out with Caroline Lovejoy singing in the church choir at the local church. It is later revealed that she is having an intense affair with the church's reverend. She later comes home to find her younger sister, Sissy, with her boyfriend, Johnny. It is expressed that Sissy is an aspiring ice skater, but Caroline wants her to follow in her footsteps and become a schoolteacher. Their battle goes on throughout the movie. Later their estranged sister, Frieda shows up with her 12 year-old son, Danny. They decide to stay for a while because Danny has had some trouble with the law and Frieda wants to give him a fresh start in a new environment. 
While there, the sisters' lives turn up-side down. Frieda emerges as the troubled black sheep, while Caroline is knocked off her martyr pedestal when the minister makes a play for an unsuspecting Frieda. Sissy learns that their father never wanted another daughter, but had hoped she would be the son that eluded him. Their mother tried to abort her.

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