At the inventor's show, Betty, Bimbo, and Koko the Clown demonstrate a variety of gadgets, including: 
The spot remover — a large steam-powered device that removes the spot by cutting a hole in the fabric. 
The chesse snuffer — a mechanical foot snuffs out the cigarette, then a mechanical hand sweeps it up. 
The soup silencer — parts from a music box are installed on a spoon to convert the slurps to music. 
The sweet corn regulator — a typewriter is adapted to position the corn for easy eating. 
The voice recorder 
The self-threading sewing machine — a mechanical hand and eyeball thread the needle. 
When the automated sewing machine gets out of control and proceeds to sew various things together, Bimbo and Betty escape via an umbrella that turns into a helicopter.

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What Television Episodes reference this Movie?

It is referred to by...
A Fishful of Dollars part of Futurama Season 1

Season: 1 / Episode: 6

A Fishful of Dollars

This Television Episode refers to Betty Boop's Crazy Inventions part of Betty Boop
The opening cartoon of this episode is 'Betty Boop's Crazy Inventions'.

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