In the eight years since the series ended, founding senior partner Leland McKenzie has retired and left Douglas Brackman Jr. as the senior managing partner. New employees to the firm are Brackman's over-achieving son, Jason, who's at odds with his father, and ambitious, conniving associate Chloe Carpenter, who's at odds with others. Former partner Michael Kuzak, now retired and a successful restaurant owner, is called back to help stop the impending execution of a former client. The opposing counsel is Kuzak's old flame Grace Van Owen, who has now been promoted to District Attorney. Meanwhile, divorce lawyer Arnie Becker deals with a really tough divorce: his own. Arnie's estranged young wife has hired former McKenzie Brackman lawyer Abby Perkins. Office manager Roxanne Melman deals with her ex-husband, Dave Meyer, who claims that he's dying and wants to spend some quality time with her. Also, married partners Ann Kelsey and Stuart Markowitz find themselves the victims of a scam artist.

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