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What Television Commercials reference this Movie?

It is referred to by...
Pepsi Mini Cans Commercial

Pepsi Mini Cans Commercial

Dates: - June 2014
This Television Commercial refers to Airplane!
The two men in the golf cart having the conversation, "Surely you can't be serious." and "I am serious and don't call me...Shirley?" is a parody of the famous line from the film 'Airplane!'.

What Television Episodes reference this Movie?

It is referred to by...
Airport '07 part of Family Guy Season 5

Family Guy:
Season: 5 / Episode: 12

Airport '07

This Television Episode refers to Airplane!
The scene of the airplane taking off as Peter and his friends prepare to drug the pilots is a reference to Airplane!. e plane in the episode shares its flight number, 209, with the aircraft from the Airplane! film. Other music from Airplane! is used as Quagmire is assisting Peter in landing the airplane safely.

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