Jerri Blank, a former high school dropout and self-described "junkie whore", is released from prison and returns to her childhood home. She discovers her mother has died, her father has remarried to the hateful Sara Blank and she has an annoying half-brother Derrick. To make matters worse, her father is in a "stress-induced coma." Taking the suggestion of the family doctor literally, Jerri decides to pick her life back up where she left it, beginning her high school all over again as a freshman at Flatpoint High. 
Jerri joins Chuck Noblet's science fair team, the Fig Neutrons, along with her new friends Megawatti Sucarnaputri and Tammi Littlenut. Noblet is not pleased to learn that Flatpoint's Principal Onyx Blackman has hired a ringer for their team to ensure that Flatpoint wins, and so Noblet creates a second team. As she struggles to fit in and make her teammates proud, Jerri discovers that though the faces have changed, the hassles of high school are just the same. 
Starring: Amy Sedaris, Paul Sedaris, Chandra Wilson, Kristy Thomas, Deborah Rush, Ian Holm and Dan Hedaya.

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