A Huey P. Newton Story

A Huey P. Newton Story

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A Huey P. Newton Story is an American film directed by Spike Lee. The movie was created, written and performed, as a solo performance, by Roger Guenveur Smith at The Joseph Papp Public Theatre. In this performance, Smith creates a representation of the activist Huey P. Newton's life and time as a person, a citizen and an activist. During the performance, the background images on the wall play clips from the movement showing activist movements form the era. The simple arrangement of the setting with Smith sitting in a chair in the middle of the stage, make the audience focus on what the performer has to say. Smith captures the attention of the audience throughout the film by putting into play his solo performance skills.[1] Smith's idea for the performance originated in 1989 and took root as a stage play in 1996. Finally, it was adapted to film in 2001.

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