High school outcast Eddie Weinbauer is writing a letter to his hero, metal musician Sammi Curr. He puts the letter in an envelope and starts doing his chores. He watches the news at the same time when he hears the worst words to ever reach his mind: Sammi Curr has died in a mysterious hotel fire. He is completely devastated. He goes to his friend "Nuke", a deejay who knew Sammi Curr personally. To take Eddie's mind off the death of his idol, Nuke gives Eddie the only copy of Curr's last and only unreleased album on an acetate disc. 
Once back home, Eddie fell asleep while listening to the record and has a strange dream about the fire that killed Sammi Curr. When he wakes up he finds that the record is skipping and after listening to it for a few seconds he comes to realize that there is something not right about the words the record is stuck on. Having previous experience with hidden lyrics, Eddie plays the record backwards but receives more than he imagined: Sammi Curr speaking to him from beyond the grave. 
Sammi instructs him on how to go about getting revenge on a group of bullies that like to torment Eddie, since Sammi was bullied constantly in high school and would like to take the revenge on bullies he never got to take himself. At first the revenge is innocent enough, but after a while the plans start to become more sinister, eventually starting to involve murder, and Eddie finally tries cutting ties with the dead rocker, but Sammi won't let him.

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