27 Dresses

27 Dresses

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Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It plays these songs...

performed by Regina Spektor

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  • Type: Song
This Song is played in 27 Dresses
This song was played in the trailer for the movie.

Pop Culture Connections - Incoming

It is referred to by these television episodes...

Rules of Engagement:
Season:  4  / Episode:  4 
Ghost Story

This Television Episode refers to 27 Dresses
Adam and Jen come home with Jeff and Audrey to discover their apartment was ransacked. Audrey suggests that they scared the intruder away when they got home, but Jeff looks around and says that isn't right, because whoever broke in had time to make toaster waffles and watch 27 Dresses. Adam admits that he was the one who did those things.

Love Bites:
Season:  1  / Episode:  2 
How To...

This Television Episode refers to 27 Dresses
Jodie makes a point with Charlie about them being "such good friends". She shows up at his house, unannounced, with three Katherine Heigl movies to watch together, suggesting they start with '27 Dresses' so they can rate their favorite dresses.

How I Met Your Mother:
Season:  3  / Episode:  18 
Rebound Bro

This Television Episode refers to 27 Dresses
Barney is calling old friends, looking for a new bro to replace Ted, but can't find anyone suitable. He finally gets in touch with a friend who tells him he's ready to party that night. Barney's excitement quickly changes to disappointment when his friend tells him that the cheese gets put out at 8:00, they play Cranium at 9:00 and then they'll sit down to watch the movie '27 Dresses'. Barney hangs up on him, then calls him back so he can hang up on him again.

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