Martians begin to surround Earth with an array of flying saucers. James Dale, the President of the United States, addresses America. The message attracts attention within the news media in New York City, employees and common goers at the Luxor Las Vegas hotel, and a trailer trash family in Perkinsville, Kansas. The Presidential scientific aides are able to set a meeting with the Martians in Pahrump, Nevada. 
The Martians announce they have "come in peace" by way of a universal translator. But after a hippie releases a dove (as a symbol of peace), the Martians begin to kill the humans that have gathered. Believing the meeting to be a "cultural misunderstanding", President Dale has Professor Donald Kessler resume negotiations with the Martians. The two species decide to have a Martian ambassador address the United States Congress. However, the event goes wrong once more, leading to the total incineration of Congress.

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It is referred to by...
Everything Sunny All the Time Always part of 30 Rock Season 5

30 Rock:
Season: 5 / Episode: 22

Everything Sunny All the Time Always

This Television Episode refers to Mars Attacks!
Guest star, Condoleezza Rice, mentions her favorite movie is Mars Attacks.

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