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Pop Culture Connections - Incoming

What Television Episodes reference this Movie Series?

It is referred to by...
Lisa's First Word part of The Simpsons Season 4

The Simpsons:
Season: 4 / Episode: 10

Lisa's First Word

This Television Episode refers to Jaws
In a flashback to 1983, Marge and Homer are looking for a bigger place to live, now that Marge is pregnant with Lisa. They look at the Captain's Houseboat, but decide to turn it down when a Great White Shark emerges from the water right next to the houseboat, similar to the film 'Jaws'.
Une Mere Que J'aimerais Baiser part of Weeds Season 7

Season: 7 / Episode: 11

Une Mere Que J'aimerais Baiser

This Television Episode refers to Jaws
At the country club, Doug remarks that Klein is going to buy Steven Spielberg's house, adding that Klein is a shark, buying the house that 'Jaws' built.

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