Jerry Nelson

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Jerry Nelson was a Muppet puppeteer and performed several of the characters including: 
Sesame Street 
* Rowlf the Dog 
* Sherlock Hemlock 
* The Amazing Mumford 
* Herry Monster 
* Count von Count (aka The Count) 
* Aloysius Snuffleupagus 
* Herbert Birdsfoot 
* Simon Soundman 
* Frazzle 
* Little Jerry of the band "Little Jerry and the Monotones" 
* Sully and Biff 
* The Two Headed Monster 
The Muppets 
* Sgt. Floyd Pepper 
* Dr. Julius Strangepork 
* Lew Zealand 
* Robin (Kermit's nephew) 
* Camilla the Chicken 
* Lewis Kazagger 
* Pops the doorman 
* Fleet Scribbler 
* J.P. Grosse (Scotter's uncle) 
* Statler 
Fraggle Rock 
* Gobo Fraggle 
* Pa Gorg 
* Marjory the Trash Heap

Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

Television Episodes


The Muppet Show:
Season:  2  / Episode:  20 
Petula Clark

Television Commercials

Delta Faucets Commercial

Television Series


Sesame Street

performed by Count von Count; features Jerry Nelson