Rosanne Cash

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Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

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Johnny Cash

  • Dates: February 26, 1932 - September 12, 2003
  • Type: Person
This Person is related to Rosanne Cash
Rosanne Cash is the eldest daughter of Johnny Cash.
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Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

Me and Bobby McGee
performed by Johnny Cash

Country Boy
performed by Johnny Cash

performed by Johnny Cash

God's Gonna Cut You Down
performed by Johnny Cash

  • Date:
  • Type: Song
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The Little Rascals
part of The Little Rascals

  • Date:
  • Type: Movie

part of The Last Picture Show

  • Date:
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It Ain't Over Yet
performed by Rodney Crowell; features John Paul White and Rosanne Cash

Land of Dreams
performed by Rosanne Cash; features Bebel Gilberto, David Hidalgo, and Steve Berlin

Seven Year Ache
performed by Rosanne Cash