Robert Frost

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Family Guy:
Season:  17  / Episode:  19 
Girl, Internetted


Family Guy:
Season:  12  / Episode:  14 
Fresh Heir


Orange is the New Black:
Season:  1  / Episode:  7 
Blood Donut


Season:  1  / Episode:  9 
But At Last Came a Knock


How I Met Your Mother:
Season:  2  / Episode:  17 
Arrivederci, Fiero




The Outsiders
written by

  • Date:
  • Type: Book

Television Commercials

Apple iMac Commercial

Evening in a Sugar Orchard
written by

Fire and Ice
written by

Nothing Gold Can Stay
written by

  • Date:
  • Type: Poem

The Lockless Door
written by


The Road Not Taken
written by