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Today Kid is a singer-songwriter drawing influences from classic folk and 80's brit-pop. Producer/writer Jay Levine (Prozzak/Philosopher Kings) created Today Kid to express a side of his musicality often suppressed when writing and producing for other artists. Guest singers and co-writers find their way into Today Kid's repertoire when the songs they've written in sessions for other artists seem to have a depth and feel better suited to a more left of center sound. Although Today Kid has been responsible for many songs on commercials and in films, he released his first official album in the summer of 2012

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Today Kid  References the Following Pop Culture


We Belong
performed by Pat Benatar



Ferris Bueller's Day Off

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  • Type: Movie

Songs by  Today Kid

Do What I Do
performed by Today Kid; features Faith Ziegler

Dorian Gray
performed by Today Kid; features Anna Nalick

Getting Better
performed by Today Kid

Giving In
performed by Today Kid

I Struck Gold
performed by Today Kid

Only You
performed by Today Kid

performed by Today Kid

performed by Today Kid

Spectacular Find
performed by Today Kid; features Morgan James

performed by Today Kid

Two in a Million
performed by Today Kid

We Belong
performed by Today Kid